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While I’m working to get my other website finished I thought I would add a WordPress page. This site is the author site for A.N. Meade. The series that I am best known for is Marked. There are currently three books that are available for free on kindleunlimited, as well as available for regular purchase on kindle, and paperback format from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I just release book 3 in the series titled Rise of the Blood Queen.

In this book, Aimee struggles to face the consequences of the tough choices she made in book 2. She has to push her personal boundaries and either grow or die. There’s an element of survival, but also the new task of building friendships and relationships from the ashes. We get to see more of Damian, Marc, Liam and Hex, as well as some new characters like Duncan. Duncan is an ancient warlock who lives in solitude in the forest. He has knowledge of the prophecies as well as the magic that Aimee is learning to wield.

You can get a copy at:

About me:

A.N. Meade lives deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains with her husband Michael, their two sons, and beautiful daughter. She wrote her first story at the age of five, and has been writing ever since. Writing was her escape. She comes from a Scottish-Celtic ancestry, and that rich heritage of storytelling, creativity, and magic has been a major influence in her life. She is a non-denominational Christian, and those principles of a love of God, family values, and stewardship of the earth, she will strive for always. She sincerely hopes you enjoy reading her books, and that they may provide some moments of entertainment and escape to you.

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