Now Posting Reviews

In addition to being an author, I am also an avid reader. I devour books like they’re water, and it occurred to me that I am not the only author who is having trouble getting people to stop long enough to review their book before moving on to the next. I have been guilty of this myself, many times. I am going to make an effort now to post a review on each of the books I read. That being said, I will start to accept some books for review to those who wish to submit a copy. Message me on goodreads, and I can exchange contact information with you. I am interested in reading paranormal romance, YA, some erotica is okay. I also like the occasional horror/suspense novel. Please stick to these genres when requesting a review. I don’t want to read something I wouldn’t have liked anyway since that isn’t fair to anyone.

I’m excited to hear from you and see where this goes. Let me know if you’re an author looking for reviews for your book. I am also willing to do pdf or epub copies to people who post regular reviews on their blogs as well. Message me on facebook or good reads if you are interested in receiving reviewer copies of my books. Please include a link to your blog that you’ll be posting the review on. Thanks,

A.N. Meade


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