Review of Truly Mine by Amy Roe

truly mine
**** 4 stars!
Recommended for: romance fans who love a good ending

Truly Mine focuses on the themes of long lost love and regrets. Most people have those “what if” moments that if they could have just spoken how they really felt it might have changed everything. Sometimes it takes life experiences to know what you want. Tyler and Truly certainly have those in spades.

I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t go into specifics but there is a big surprise toward the end that adds a lot more depth to the whole story. It’s something that I haven’t ever seen done before and it leaves room to explore the topic of sexuality in a lot more depth. I was watching a rerun of Masters of Sex while I was reading and I just kept thinking, Truly Mine would be so much more interesting as a movie or a series. I could see Truly working on some sex research in a way that didn’t make me feel sorry that such great actors were left with characters so flatly written.

Overall it’s a unique twist on the long lost love story. The writing is solid, and I think it’s definitely worth a read. Not many books can hold my attention without a supernatural spin, but I found myself flipping page after page and staying up until the early morning to finish this one. It’s a great book for romance fans who love a good ending.

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