Show Stopping Sequel to Thane (YA Fantasy): Review of King’s Table

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I absolutely loved this book. In this sequel to Thane, we get to learn a lot more about the world that these characters live in. There are some major plot twists also. About 80% in I wanted to scream at my kindle. He ties all the shocking bits up very well, and then leaves things open for a next book. I liked the detailed descriptions in the fight scenes. I think they were necessary to the evolution of the character relationships as well as giving you a better sense of what it meant to be trained under these different houses. There was also a distinctive romantic element to this story which I loved. Overall, Thane, and King’s Table are excellent YA stories. This series has mystery, adventure, action, fantasy and a hint of romance. It’s truly got a little bit of everything for everyone. Travis Daniel Bow is a fantastic story teller and I can’t wait to read his next creation.


Spotlight: A.N. Meade *Review

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Titles: Marked, Beauty and the Darkness, and Rise of the Blood Queen

Author: A.N. Meade

Publisher: CreateSpace/Kindle

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: Jun 16, 2012, October 28, 2013, and Apr 16, 2015

Story Synopsis Marked: When the man of her dreams walks into Kate’s reality. She hopes that this will mark the beginning of a chance to truly live her life, free from abuse and torment. She doesn’t know that there are more sinister forces at work, powers that will threaten to tear her apart. Centuries old curses, demons, voodoo priestesses, a guardian angel, and an array of intriguing humans and vampires make up the backdrop of this love story. A blood curse placed on Kate in a past life threatens to tear her away from her new found sanctuary. She has to adjust to her new life, learn the details from her past that can help her, and break the curse before the…

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Review of Sonnet Vale by Gena D. Lutz

Sonnet Vale, by Gena D. Lutz is a very fast paced paranormal romance about the title character Sonnet Vale who is a ‘hunter’ of vampires that commit crimes against humans. There are some really interesting aspects to the setting that she creates including a place called Phantom City that I can’t describe without adding in some spoilers. The heroine’s drive to seek out justice for the victims of violent crimes stems from her own dark past. There is also quite a bit of mystery surrounding her parentage and background. It was a fun read and I’d definitely recommend it to friends. It reminds me of the Anita Blake series with more story line and less sex. The banter between some of the characters is really witty and her writing style makes you want to find out what happens next. Gena D. Lutz is a great storyteller, and I’m interested to read more of her books. sonnet vale cover

Review of Thane by Travis Daniel Bow

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Travis Daniel Bow has created an entire other world with his YA fantasy novel Thane. This book follows Timothy and his childhood friend Robert through their captivity by the Huctans, and eventual apprenticeships under a rebel force. I started this book and didn’t want to put it down. There are some violent scenes, but they’re relevant to the story and are nothing more than what would earn a PG or PG13 rating on television depending on the editing (My imagination tends to be a little darker ;). I’ve always loved the medieval time period, and he weaves historical aspects about their way of life with his fantasy very well. As far as his technical writing ability, it was written and edited well with no distracting errors that I noticed. The read is relatively fast paced which is sometimes hard to accomplish with the first novel in a series with as much of a background environment as this has. The characters were well developed and likable, with the more modern twist of a female heroine named Selena. If you like spies, swords, fantasy, action and adventure you will certainly find this book a worthwhile read. I can’t wait to read book 2 in the series.

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